Please note that our Community activities are open to residents only.


The Men’s Billiard group meets daily, MONDAY – FRIDAY at 2:00 PM in the Annex.

The three 5′ x 9′ pool tables in the Annex Building are pretty heavily used most weekday afternoons when four to ten play from 1:00 to 4:00 pm in season. We normally play 8-Ball and, with four or more, we play partners and usually switch partners after two games. To keep things consistent, we play by the Rule Book (Billiard Congress of America). This avoids arguments.

Play is restricted to residents and their guests. For the protection of tables, there is an age restriction of 15 or older. Pool is a game not restricted to males only; women are welcome.

Play in the evenings is permitted but remember that our electronic door locks will not allow entry after 10:00 pm.

We try to keep the tables in good repair – brushing, vacuuming, etc.


1Bocce meets at the courts every MONDAY and FRIDAY at the Bocce Ball Courts at 10:00 AM.

Bocce is an old world game from Italy (In France it’s called Petanque.) which has its beginnings in Ancient Rome. A large ball – a bit larger and heavier than a “softball” – is rolled a distance of about 25 to 30 feet toward a golf-size ball that had initially been thrown by a player. The purpose: to get close to the small ball.

The second player – from the other team tries to get closer or tries to hit the opponent’s ball away.


THE GOLDEN OLDIES (a “just for fun” non-sanctioned league) bowls every TUESDAY at 12:45 PM at Woodside Lanes on Radio Road; NOVEMBER – APRIL. We bowl for 20 weeks. We are always looking for more bowlers and those who would like to sub; even if you can’t bowl the full 20 weeks.

We are looking for anyone interested in bowling, either full time, or as a substitute, so individuals, teams (4 people) or substitutes are welcome. No worries if you can’t bowl the entire season.

Come check-us-out!


Pickle ball meets every MONDAY thru FRIDAY, and SUNDAY from 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM on the Tennis Courts; JANUARY – APRIL.

All levels are welcome every day:

  • Monday & Thursday – Veteran, intermediate players that have played before.
  • Tuesday & Friday – Beginner, new players who would like some help learning the game.
  • Wednesday & Sunday – Experienced, advanced players that desire more competitive games.

Never heard of Pickleball?? It is the fastest growing sport in North America!! Pickleball combines tennis, badminton and table tennis and is played on a badminton size, tennis surface court, with a net lower than a tennis net, composite paddles and wiffle balls.

To learn more about it and actually see it played go to, and play the video.

Pickleball courts can be set up on one tennis court. Come out and see the game and participate. There are always “coaches” there to assist beginners and we are interested in “growing our game.” Hope to see you on the courts.

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4Shuffleboard meets on TUESDAY, THURSDAY, and SATURDAY at the Shuffleboard courts at 10:00 AM.

The group is active from October to May and during the “winter” months all the courts are usually filled. Everyone is welcome to join and enjoy the fun.



5Ladies Tennis:  meets at the Courts every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY at 7:45 AM; JANUARY – APRIL. We are looking for more ladies to join us – in the meantime men are welcome.

Men’s Tennis: meets at the Courts every TUESDAY, THURSDAY and SATURDAY; JANUARY – APRIL.  Warm-up begins at 7:45 AM. PLAY begins at 8:00 AM.