Riviera Outdoor Scenes

Here are some photos taken by our residents from their yards or through the windows of their houses.

Lakes, Fairways and Sunsets in our community.

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Riviera Fairway
(Photo by Teresa Stone)
Florida Sunset
(Photo by Maddy Meacham)
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Lake on Fleur de Lis
(Photo by Teresa Stone)
Heavy summer rains produce new bodies of water. This one was dubbed “Marseille River”
(Photo by Maddy Meacham)
Summer Evening Rainbow
(Photo by Bobby Schweikert)
Lake Champagne reflects the beauty of our sunrise.
(Photo by Barbara Bowden

Flora, Fauna, Fish, and Fowl on the land and water in our community.

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A small family of otters arriving.
They trek on up.
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What a large family of small animals
I wonder if the LaPine’s are expecting company. Otter photos by Martin Reff.

Pair of eagles in backyard. Photo by Maddy Meacham.


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Photos by Maddy Meacham

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Poiciana Tree – mid-June
Crepe Myrtle – mid-June