Clubhouse, Pool and Courts

Our Clubhouse, the building you saw when you first arrived at our site, is the center for our dinners and dances – holding our kitchen, social hall and office. The social hall is partitioned so that activities can be contained in a small area or opened for dances and shows. Restrooms at either end contain showers because the rear of the Clubhouse faces the swimming pool.

Here’s a photo of the kitchen area with the accordion doors open in the foreground. It’s early Saturday morning at the beginning of the month when members gather for coffee and doughnuts and also to register for events during the month.


And here’s a view turned right about 90 degrees facing the ticket booths. “Can We Help You Please.”


Outside the Clubhouse, on its south side is the Shuffleboard Court. See “Shuffleboard” in the “Activities” section.


And adjacent a little south-west is our Bocce Court. See “Bocce” in the “Activities section


The New PoolUnder Construction

Tennis/Pickleball Courts

Located next to the Annex are two fenced “hard surface” tennis courts and pickleball. They are well used. See “Tennis and pickleball” in the “Activities” section.

The Annex, below, contains a Fitness Center, Card, Library, and Billiards Rooms .


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