Community Newsletters and Library


The monthly Social Newsletter is the “life-line” of our community. It is published the last Friday of every month and is sent via email to the registered email address on file with our Management Company.

For those without email, a hardcopy can be obtained at the office. It provides information on the activities, events, meetings, etc. for the coming month.

The Social Newsletter also contains a brief, condensed outline of notifications and Classified Ads, which change every month. The Social Director, social teams and event or activity coordinators provide the information that is to be published in the Social Newsletter and Calendar of Events.

Our second Newsletter is called the Riviera News, is published around the first Friday of each month and is distributed in the same manner as the FUNny Papers Newsletter.  Here you will find official community related updates from our Board of Directors including the monthly financials.  The month’s events calendar is also included.


Our RGE Library is in our Annex building.  When you’re “over 55” you have more time to read, and read we do here at Riviera. Not only do we have a reading group – see Riviera Readers – but a very large library of fiction and non-fiction hard and soft covered books. They occupy 11 feet of shelving, 5 shelves high for total of almost 1,000 volumes.

We have hardcover books, paperbacks, large print books, movies, and books on tape and you may enjoy them for as long as you want. We accept donation of books published on or after 2005.