SEPTEMBER 2014                                                                                                VOLUME: IX

PUBLISHER: Pat Spanitz pbspanitz@centurylink.net                                                     CIRCULATION: Volunteers

Riviera Golf Estates Website: www.rivieragolfestates.org

There will be NO NEWSLETTER DELIVERY for the months of SEPTEMBER through OCTOBER


Hurricane season is upon us and the rainy season has begun. We all need to be mindful or our property, especially our trees (palm, ficus, ext.). Please make sure that your trees are trimmed so that in the event of a severe storm or hurricane your house, as well as, your neighbor’s property will not be hit with falling limbs. Remember, it is your responsibility to take care of your trees and property. If you are going out of town, please make sure to take in any yard ornaments such as figurines, birdbaths, etc. Items such as these have caused destruction in the past.

Please do not put your trash, recyclables or yard waste out before six o’clock on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. Return your barrels before six o’clock on the day of pick-up. All trash and recycle barrels shall be kept screened from view from the street and adjacent Lots. Let’s all cooperate with this ruling to keep our neighborhood looking good. Thanks in advance.

Bill Joyce, President

For the Board of Directors


I have been doing the Riviera Golf Estates Newsletter for the past eleven (11) years, since October 2003 and it is now time to pass this detail on to my successor, Melainie Davidson. Melainie has the right background for this position and I have great confidence in her ability to take over the publishing duties and continue to keep the Riviera Residents informed regarding the activities that will be taking place in your community. I have enjoyed doing this job, but it is now time for someone else to take over.

Starting in October 2014, I would appreciate it if each of you, who has something to contribute to the newsletter, would contact Melainie at, melainiedav@aol.com, or by calling her at 330-8604. I will continue to work with her for a short time, until she feels comfortable doing this job, unassisted. Along with the newsletter details, this job also includes keeping track of all of the Anniversaries and Birthdays of everyone who resides in Riviera Golf Estates. This, too, will become Melainie’s task, therefore, starting in October, if you wish to add or delete either an anniversary or a birthday, please contact her with that information.

I appreciate the opportunity to have served the Riviera Community, but I will enjoy just reading the newsletter from here on in!

Pat Spanitz, Publisher


We have foot traffic in and out of the Clubhouse all day. Nothing is more upsetting, when coming out of the front door, than to have a car speed through the portico inches away from you. PLEASE KEEP YOUR SPEED TO 10 MILES PER HOUR through the parking lot area.

Please DO NOT remove cleaning supplies from the kitchen area of the Clubhouse. If you need items in the Annex, you may buy them and submit the receipt to the office for reimbursement OR ask the Social Director, Ann Wallce (wallaceann0811@comcast.net) to put them on the shopping list.


BE AWARE, if you receive any written communication which is intended to appear to be something you should buy, from any company advising you to purchase an insurance policy to cover “Water Service Line Coverage,” please contact Collier County Utilities Services at 239-252-2380.? They said that this is unnecessary coverage.? Check with your own homeowners insurance to be sure any such problem would already be covered by them.


Riviera Golf Estates accepts used canes, crutches, and wheelchairs. We keep these items for our residents who may need them on a temporary basis. All items need to be wiped down and sanitized BEFORE donating them. We DO NOT accept any appliances that are used for personal intimate care, such as commodes, urinals, bedpans, shower stools, etc. Donated items should be dropped off at the Riviera Office 9:00 – 11:00 AM, and contact the office to borrow any items.


PLEASE NOTE: ARB requests to be reviewed at the September, 2014 Board Directors meeting should be submitted no later than Wednesday morning, September 17, 2014

It is best to review not just the covenants, but, also, the Rules and Regulations adopted by the Board of Directors available on-line at http://www.rivieragolfestates.org/rulReg.html before you spend the time and expense of a County permit or laying out money for materials or a contractor. If, after reading the ARB Requirements listed on the back of the ARB application and the above referenced website, you are in doubt about whether or not you need to submit an ARB request, you are urged to submit one. If not necessary, you will be notified promptly.


Have you heard of our program? If you live alone & want someone to check-up on you, daily, Operation Reassurance could be just what you need! Our volunteers are dedicated to your safety & the program is in effect 365 days a year. If you want to be a part of our program, or need more information, come to the office or call Susan Larson at 774-2625.

Susan Larson at 774-2625


Respite is a formalized, "good neighbor program" which began in Riviera Golf Estates in November of 1995. It has continued until the present day. Our goals are to:

Cathy McGourty, Respite Coordinator, 793-7374


Please note that the WiFi Network in the Clubhouse has a new name: Cisco17172. It is still an unsecured network (password not required). Please either use the tables in the kitchen, or fold back table cloths on the round tables and set your PC on the bare table top. Of course, you can always use the PC outside the clubhouse in the pool area, or use the WiFi in the annex. THERE ARE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE BULLETIN BOARD IN THE ANNEX BUILDING, REGARDING ACCESSING THE WIFI THERE.


S O C I A L    A C T I V I T I E S


It’s hard to believe that September has already arrived. For those of us who are year-round residents, it means the lazy days we’ve had over the past few months will soon be history. Neighbors and friends who left for the summer will be traveling back to Naples. Everyone here is looking forward to filling the Clubhouse and Annex with those friends at dinners, dances and all the other social activities we have at Riviera Golf Estates.

Ann Wallace - wallaceann0811@comcast.net


The September Coffee Hour will be held on Saturday, August 30th , from 9:00 to 10:00 AM. Coffee and donuts will be served, for a $1.00 donation. Our Coffee Hours are held each month as a way for residents to catch up, socially and to purchase tickets for upcoming events. New residents are encouraged to join us in this casual setting, as a way of getting to know your neighbors. Come join us!

Please, make checks for all social events payable to “RGE.” thank-you. If you have any questions, please call Anne Wallace, at 732-7808.


Tickets for the Labor Day Dinner will be available for purchase at the August 30TH Coffee Hour. (ALL TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED ON AUGUST 30TH). The Labor Day Dinner will be held on Monday, September 1st, Social hour begins at 5:00 PM, and dinner will be served at 6:00 PM. Dinner will be catered by Southern Accents, we’re serving baked ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans, coleslaw, rolls, desert, and drinks. Entertainment and Music will be provided by Jimmy K. Cost of the dinner is $15.00 per person. Contacts for this dinner are:

Kathi Coughlin at 793-4124 or Linda Lennox at 774-3686.



Aquatic Exercises for the Riviera Women will begin at 9:00 AM every day, but Sunday. If you have any questions, please come to the pool at the times noted above and those in the class will be able to give you any information you may need, regarding this class.


Bocce will be held every Monday and Friday at 9:30 AM. Come, play bocce and have fun. If you have any questions, please call

Gareth W. Blackwell at 732-1648



Sign-up sheet is on the Bulletin Board in the Card Room at the Annex. Play begins Mondays, at 12:00 Noon, at the Annex Building. Cost to play is $1.00 each session. If you have any questions, call:

Helen Mavity 793-3204


The Riviera Duplicate Bridge Club meets every Friday at 11:45 AM, at the Annex, play begins at Noon. Anyone who plays contract bridge (or party) can play duplicate bridge and is welcome. There is a $5.00 one time fee and the cost is $1.00 to play. Please call for further information.

Phyllis or Larry Larkin 300-9698


Mixed Bridge is held on Tuesday Nights, in the Card Room at the Annex. We are playing duplicate bridge - not contract or "party bridge." If you are interested in playing, please put your name on the sign-up sheet in the Card Room at the Annex or call me at the number below. You can sign up as couples or as singles. If you are a single, we will do our best to find you a partner. Play starts at 7:00 PM. Cost is $0.50. If you have any questions please call:

Larry or Phyllis Larkin 300-9698


To all Riviera card players, we'd love to have you come join us for an evening of fun playing Pinochle! We play on Thursdays at 7:00 PM, in the Annex. If you have any questions please call me at:

Susan Larson 774-2625


Poker is being held on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM until 10:00 PM, in the Annex Building. Anyone interested in playing poker at that time, please contact Jesse Gallante at 682-3296.

Jesse Gallante at 682-3296


With our knitters and crocheters going back north, I hope you will continue to create the wonderful hats and booties during the summer. Thanks for all your efforts over the past months. They are greatly appreciated.

Two dozen baby hats, booties and knitted toys will be dropped off drop off each month during the summer. Now that the warm weather has arrived no baby afghans or lap robes will be distributed until the cooler months. If you wish to work on an afghan during the summer, the sizes to keep in mind are a 30 inch square for babies and a 36 inch square for a lap robe for the assisted living residents. Lion Brand yarns website has lots of free patterns for babies and afghans. If you need yarn, needles, hooks, patterns or just a refresher course on knitting or crocheting give me a call 213-1690. Completed items can be dropped off at my home 770 Charlemagne Blvd.

Irene Paliulis, Riviera Care Wear Coordinator


The Riviera Golf Estates Computer Club (RGECC) will hold its “Help Each Other” Meeting on the 2nd Monday of the month, September 8th, 2014, at 3:00 PM, in the Clubhouse. We will answer your computer-related questions. We will be holding only one meeting, per month, through October 2014.

If you are not, yet, a member of the Computer Club and would like to join, you may do so at any meeting or by contacting “The Club,” at webmaster.rgecc@gmail.com. Any resident (full-time, part-time, renter or owner) can be a member; $15.00 for an individual; $20.00 for member and spouse/partner. Come to a meeting and learn something new while you are having fun.

Don D. Spanitz, President - dspanitz@hotmail.com


Come in and enjoy our cool selection of books and videos this hot summer!

Ginny Kehoe, Librarian


Our Pickleball days are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM. Come on out and see the game and participate. There are always "coaches" there to assist beginners and we are interested in growing our game. Hope to see you on the courts. Any questions call:

Angela Edgerton at 585-721-3299 or Steve Egerton at 585-305-1044


The next RGE Men’s Club Meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 9th at the Clubhouse, at 11:30 AM. Our guest speaker will be a representative from the Collier County Supervisor of Elections Office who will discuss Florida voting requirements and options in preparation for the much discussed November mid-term elections. Please sign up at the August 30th Coffee Hour, as we need time to prepare name tags and get a head count to order food. Remember, as voted by the membership – no name tag, no lunch! If you plan to attend this Men's Club gathering and miss the Coffee Hour, please contact Dwight Kehoe (732-1520). The deadline for reserving one of Ron Julian's special lunches is NOON, on Saturday, September 6th.

The Men’s Club encourages all male residents of Riviera Golf Estates to become members for the onetime fee of $10.00, which grants you a Lifetime Membership. For a nominal monthly fee of $5.00, you are entitled to attend an interesting program, enjoy a light lunch, keg beer, non-alcoholic beer, soft drinks, nibbles and fine socializing with friends in the neighborhood. Doors open at 11:30 AM. Please sign up at the June Coffee Hour, as we need time to prepare nametags and a head count to order food. Please contact one of the officers if you plan on coming and haven’t signed up so that we can prepare enough food. Please note, it has been voted by the membership to deny participation in lunch to those who had not signed up or notified an Officer, by the Sunday before the meeting. Please remember to wear your nametag during the luncheon.


Our new Neighborhood Watch Coordinator is Ron Bennett, 248-8282. Please contact Ron with any reports or questions regarding Neighborhood Watch in the Riviera Golf Estates Community. Remember, if you need the Collier County Sheriff’s Office for non-emergency calls, dial 252-9300. Always remember for EMERGENCIES ONLY, CALL 911.


Shuffleboard will be held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Please be at the Shuffleboard Courts by 9:15 AM so that we may be ready to start playing at 9:30 AM. If you have any questions, or if you need a lesson to learn the game, please contact Gareth Blackwell at 732-1648.


For the summer months, Ladies’ & Men’s Tennis is being held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 7:30 AM for warm-up, with play at 7:45 AM. If the ladies have questions, please contact Helen Mavity at 793-3204. The men can contact Harry Nuzum, at 775-4920 or email him at harry@lmuzum.com.


If you are interested or want to reserve your trip selections, please contact, Carol Crislip at 775-3668. She will also be available at the September Coffee Hour.

All checks for these trips must be addressed to “Trendy Tours.”

All tour costs are per person and include R/T transportation

Day Trip pick up is at Crossroads Market located at 599 Pine Ridge Road.

Day trip Cancellation Policy – refund is issued for cancellations at least 21 days before departure date. For tours without meals included or tickets issued, refunds will be given until 10 days before departure.







Yoga Classes will resume on Monday September 8th at 7:00 PM in the Gym Area of the Annex Building. Those interested, please bring a mat, belt and a small pillow. Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing. Avoid eating anything at least an hour before the beginning of the class. For further information, or if you have any questions, you can contact me:

Bobby Schweikert at 732-8531



The Riviera Golf Estates Annual Golf Outing will be held on Wednesday morning, November 19th, 2014, at the Riviera Golf Club. Mark your calendars. The mid-November date should allow more snowbirds to be here to participate.

Last year's SCRAMBLE FORMAT was well received and we will do it again this year. Mixed groups, four men or four ladies groups are welcome. There will be cash prizes for each category, as well as, longest drive and putt and closest to the pin competition.

As usual, golf participants and non-golfers alike will all be welcome at the dinner program that same evening in our Riviera Golf Estates Clubhouse. However, due to a 40% increase in the greens fee and generally higher costs across the board, Golf and Dinner will be $65.00. Dinner only will be $20.00. Make checks payable to “Dwight Kehoe – GOLF.”

Contact Dwight Kehoe (732-1520 or email dwight@vakdwk.com).


The Hope Visiting Nurses will hold a Flu Shot Clinic at the Riviera Clubhouse on Friday, October 24th from 9:00 – 10:20 AM. Watch for more information in the October Newsletter.


A representative from the Sheriff’s Department will be at the Clubhouse on Wednesday, November 5th at 7:00 PM to speak with residents on the subject of Identity Theft. The meeting is open to all. Coffee and light refreshments will be served.


Barbara Pelak will be returning this year to do paper and card crafting. The classes will be held on the first Wednesday of each month from 10:00 AM to Noon starting in October. Each class costs $10.00 payable to Barbara and can accommodate up to 12 participants. A sign-up sheet will be posted on the Clubhouse bulletin board. If you have additional questions contact Ann Wallace, wallaceann0811@comcast.net. The schedule is as follows:





It has come to my attention that a few Riviera residents have knowledge of people whose names are still on our Anniversary and Birthday Lists, but are no longer living in Riviera or are deceased. Please contact, me, Melainie Davidson, at 330-8604, or by email: melainiedav@aol.com, with any additions or deletions regarding Anniversaries or Birthdays for residents of Riviera Golf Estates. Thank you.


Congratulations to all who are celebrating September Anniversaries!

 1Ed & Barbara Eastman8Albert & Maralyn Hoffman
 Francis & Marceline McCarthyCarl & Nina Mason
 2Larry & Gretchen Birk9Donald & Mary Lou Meadows
 Scott & Michelle (Callahan) Smith12Fred & Peggy Pierson (55)
 4Joseph & Marie Bonazzi 15David & Phyllis Gelsomini
 Robert & Lorna Lawrence18Frank & JoAnne Babbitt
 Fred & Loretta Martin (57)20Dick & Marty Kolander (56)
 John & Karen VanDenBergeJerry & Denise Martin
John & Pat McSorley(56)


Happy Birthday to all Riviera Residents with birthdays in September


Long Green Bar